Language Training Department



Our department has been working for 29 years. During this time, thousands of students from different countries studied here. Every listener is a destiny and life. After all, by teaching a language we give the opportunity to start a new life. When parents send their children to study in a foreign country, they hope that their children will be in kind and good hands. These hands are our teachers who help listeners adopt to new living conditions and take care of everything.

How do our graduates live? Today we will tell you about a few of them. Laamari Nouhala (Elbruge, Morocco), a fourth-year student at Kharkiv National University of Pharmacy (specialty “Pharmacy”).

In 2016, I started my studies at the Preparatory Faculty of KNURE. In 2017, I successfully completed it and entered the National University of Pharmacy the specialty “Pharmacy”. I’m a straight-A student. Learning is always a great deal of work. But without good language knowledge I wouldn’t have been able to succeed. My knowledge and skills that I acquired at the Preparatory Faculty of KNURE help me.

My parents, to whom I’m grateful, influenced the choice of my future profession. They chose Ukraine because here you can get a high-quality, inexpensive education that can compete with higher education in other countries of the world. Now I’m a fourth-year student. I still have one more year of study and a very important exam “Krok”, but I think I will pass it well. After the graduating the university I want to return to my country and open a pharmacy, a cosmetics manufacturing laboratory. All of that would be!

Thank you very much to my Preparatory Faculty teachers, because everything started here.

Suleiman Arslan (Artvin, Turkey), a graduate of the Preparatory Faculty of KNURE; a tourism manager and guide in Turkey.

Before the Preparatory Faculty of KNURE I studied Russian in Belarus. But only in Ukraine, in Kharkiv at the Preparatory Faculty of KNURE I acquired an excellent knowledge of the language. My friends who studied here recommended me to come to Kharkiv. And I made the right choice. I studied the language of my future profession – manager and tourism guide. My homeland is Turkey. This is the country of tourism and recreation, so a guide and tourism manager in great demand.

I already work in my specialty and this is due to the knowledge of the language my teachers of the Preparatory Faculty gave me. Thank you very much for your knowledge and care! I will always remember my Preparatory Faculty which enabled to make my dream come true.

Elmaghbi Fatma (Alexandria, Egypt), a first-year student at Kharkiv Academy of Physical Education (specialty “Physical Therapy and Human Health”).

My father is a rehabilitation doctor and works in the largest rehabilitation centre in Alexandria in Egypt. I want to continue the family dynasty of rehabilitation doctors, so I came to Ukraine, Kharkiv. Here I entered the Preparatory Faculty of KNURE, where I met qualified and experienced teachers. In the future, I plan to complete my master’s program, write a dissertation and do an internship in my specialty in Ukraine, because I’m going to work with my father then.

Thank you very much to my teachers! They taught me a lot!

El Mustakim Younes (Agadir, Morocco), a third-year student at Kharkiv National University of Radioelectronics (ELBI faculty, specialty “Biomedical Engineering”).

I have always been interested in IT field – modern direction, high demand for specialists. I have also been passionate about medicine. Therefore, I had to choose such a university and a specialty where I could combine both the IT and medicine. KNURE turned out to be such a university. I learnt the KNURE website ( and choose a faculty that fully corresponded to my interests. In order to study at the university, first I had to learn the language, so I entered the Preparatory Department. Here I studied the language and strengthened my basic knowledge of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. I’m grateful to my teachers for everything they taught me! And now, in my free time I am happy to come to the Preparatory Faculty and see my teachers. We talk a lot about life, future prospects.

I plan to study for PhD and pursue science. My future research will focus on the creation of artificial prostheses and organs that would help disabled people. Having got my education in KNURE, I know that I will be able to make my dream come true.

Kagan Dagli (Izmir, Turkey), a fourth-year student at KNURE (Information and Analytical Technologies and Management faculty, specialty “Economic Cybernetics”).

In 2016, I came to Ukraine, Kharkiv and entered the Preparatory Faculty of KNURE. At first the language seemed to me very difficult, but thanks to my teachers I mastered it. The year of study at the Preparatory Faculty flew by very quickly. And now I’m a fourth-year student. After graduation, I will return to my country and want to start work in the tourism business. The knowledge I acquires at the Preparatory Faculty and at the Faculty of Economics will help me become successful and open my own business.