Language Training Department



Students of the Preparatory Department of Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics are interested in everything related to science and technology. Having learnt that the largest telescope was created in Kharkiv and that the city has a space educational center, our students visited the Kharkiv planetarium.

The excursion was attended by foreign citizens from different parts of the world: Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Jordan, Comoros, Afghanistan and Turkey. Together with the teachers of the Language Training Department, they went on an interactive excursion of the museum of cosmonautics and ufology called «Space» and learnt about the anomalous zones of the planet, saw some ancient maps of the starry sky, models of celestial bodies, astronomical and navigation devices, messages from earthlings to other civilizations, astronomical data on possible life in other worlds, pilots and astronauts observations, NASA images and many other unique exhibits.

The art part of the exhibition inspired a great interest. Everyone wanted to take pictures with star aliens to share unusual photos with their families and friends then. After that students of the Preparatory Department watched the exciting multimedia program called «The beauty and greatness of space!», learnt the latest facts about space exploration, admired the planets of the Solar System, saw the positions of stars and constellations.

The exhibits and the planetarium program itself impressed foreign listeners and made them willing to continue exploring the scientific and cultural life of Kharkiv.