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Learning Russian and Ukrainian not only from books

Students of the Faculty of Education of Foreign Citizens study on the preparatory faculty for 10 months. Students get their Russian and Ukrainian knowledge not only in classrooms but also during some interesting trips. On the first of August this year the best students of the preparatory faculty travelled to Poltava and its region with their lecturers. The Ukrainian pottery Oposhnyanski museum-reserv was the main route point. There the foreigners were admiryng potter masters`works which achieved high level rewards at many applied arts world exhibitions. The students were listening carefully and with interest guide Ann`s melodic Ukrainina speech. At the end of the excursion was a master class where the students were shaping on a potter`s wheel their own works with a huge enthysiasm to take them (works) with themselves to remember. Poltava region is interesting not only by its museums and historical places but also by its original national cuisine. The foreigner guests tasted with pleasure Ukrainian national dishes at the picturesque corner of Poltava – Proni, the khutor near Dikanka. And after their dinner the students rode horses, met the khutor`s inhabitants – goats Strelka and Belka and ram Shone, admired beautiful landscapes and took pictures.
This trip became a good language practice in open air, and also it was a small break before soon hard exams.
Learning Russian and Ukrainian not only from books
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