Language Training Department



The teachers of the Language Training Department of KNURE took part in the International Scientific and Practical Seminar on “The latest pedagogical technologies in teaching foreign languages” which was held at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University.

The program of the seminar presented linguistic, sociolinguistic and linguocultural aspects of teaching Ukrainian and Russian as foreign languages using innovative computer technologies and Internet resources as well as methodological innovations in teaching languages.

The main directions of the seminar were:

– the use of multimedia technologies in the language training of students;

– an integrated approach to the organization of Ukrainian / Russian as a foreign language lessons;

– the use of Internet resources in the practice of teaching foreign languages;

– distance and mixed forms of teaching foreign languages.

The teachers of the department presented studies on the use of Information technologies in teaching Ukrainian as a foreign language as well as discussed the issues of innovative methods of teaching foreign languages.