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Acquaintance with Ukrainian culture

Kharkiv has always been considered and is still considered a city of students. Our city hospitably receives foreign citizens who have chosen Ukraine for education. In order to learn the Ukrainian language successfully, it is necessary to learn about the culture and traditions of our country.

In the middle of October, the newly arrived listeners had a wonderful opportunity to take a closer look and learn about the history of the Kharkiv region. Teachers of the Language Training Department of KNURE organized a trip to a small village called Nizhnya Ozeryana that is not far from Merefa. This is a very beautiful place famous for its history. There is also a small but very picturesque museum called “Ukrayinska Hata” (“Ukrainian Hut”). Elena Elagina, the founder and guide of the museum, told with passion about the oldest house in Ozeryany which is almost 300 years old. This house-museum contains household and religious items, as well as items of furniture and clothing. The listeners were allowed to touch museum pieces, as they say, touch the history. In the courtyard there is an old operating well-crane from where they themselves fetched and drank water. Everything was interesting: what the house was built from, what certain items were for, who lived there etc. After a tour of the house and homestead, the hostess treated everyone with special Ozeryansky herbal tea and apples from the garden.

The listeners left with regret that the trip flew by very quickly, and it was high time to go back to Kharkiv. They will certainly remember this rich and informative trip for a long time. And a whole lot of pictures and warm impressions would keep a good memory about a small part of the Ukrainian history, namely Slobozhanshyna.

Acquaintance with Ukrainian culture