Language Training Department



There is perhaps no one who would not be interested in history. History, however, is forever associated with the highest manifestations of human genius: in culture, art, literature, science.

The twentieth century entered the history of human civilization as the most alarming: revolutions, the collapse and emergence of empires, two world wars, the redistribution of territories…

Therefore, it is no coincidence that the best specialists in science and technology worked on defense problems, creating such samples of military equipment that the world did not yet know. We are talking, first of all, about tanks, ships, aircraft.

The Language Training Department visited an amazing museum, where History appears in visual manifestation: here are collected mini-models of almost all existing generations of tanks, self-propelled vehicles, tractors, etc. over the entire existence of tank building – from the beginning of the twentieth century to our time.

The Language Training Department thanks Oleg Avrunin – the inspirer and creator of this wonderful chamber museum. His encyclopedic knowledge, passion, immersion in the topic of the exposition gave a powerful emotional message to visitors to comprehend, supplement, update their knowledge, aroused interest in the history of our country and Kharkiv, including where domestic types of tanks were produced.

We would like to wish the wonderful museum prosperity, expansion, improved exhibition conditions, and we are going to visit the museum again.