Language Training Department


We continue to live after February 24

On February 24th, 2022, we were awakened by the roar of planes and shell explosions. Students and teachers were going to the university for the first class started at 7.45 as usual, as they heard the official information that the war had begun. It was incredibly hard to believe it.

At first, our foreign students didn’t realize what a war there could be in the 21st century! And where? In Ukraine! It’s impossible! They came to study in bloomy happy Ukraine which is sunny in the summer and snow-white in the winter. They fell in love with our country and were happy there. Parents came to many students to visit, and they also were enchanted by our country and happy with their children studying there. Our university hospitality opened its doors for foreign students from many countries around the world. The university became a second home to them and they found new friends and tutors there.

But everything ended on February 24th … There were calls to teachers and embassies. It was true – the war came to Ukraine. Anxious parents called their children back home. After all, how could they study when the city was bombed?

The university changed over to distance form of learning. The students got their class schedule and training plans and left: some went home, some – to Europe, some – to the USA. Teachers and students of KNURE are used to distance learning and cooperate successfully with each other despite some obstacles such as unavailability or an Internet outages, the time difference between some countries etc. And they miss communication with their friends and teachers, training in our classrooms. In particular, one of the students wrote to his teacher, “Now I’m in Germany. I didn’t go to Morocco because I want to be closer to Ukraine. This is my second home. I hope to be able to go back there soon. We realize the value of something only when we lose it.”

Our students continue to complete their academic programmes remotely. They hope that there will be peace in Ukraine soon and they dream of returning to their university, friends and the city of Kharkiv which they loved so much!